Lori D. Palmieri Re-Certified as Criminal Law Specialist

The Florida Board of Legal Education and Specialization has Re-Certified Lori Doganiero Palmieri as a Board Certified Criminal Trial Law Specialist through July 2015. Ms. Palmieri has been Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law since 2000. She was asked to serve on the Bar’s Certification Committee in 2005 and currently sits as the Chair of the committee through summer of 2011

Palmieri to serve 2nd Term as Chair of Bar Certification Committee

Lori Doganiero Palmieri was appointed to serve a second term as Chair of the Florida Bar Board Certification Committee in Criminal Trial and Appellate Law. Ms. Palmieri has served on the committee since 2005. In 2008 she served as Vice-Chair, followed by selection as the Chair in 2009 and again for the 2010-2011 term. The Board Certification Committee is comprised of 9 Board Certified Lawyers from around the State. The Committee reviews applications for Certification and Re-Certification and creates the annual exam to test the proficiency of applicants with a minimum of 5 years experience, required trials and appeals and satisfactory peer review.

Rothstein’s Right-hand Gets Maximum Sentence

U.S. District Judge sentenced Debra Villegas, Scott Rothstein’s law partner to the maximum sentence on Friday – 10 years. Her humble beginnings marred by sexual abuse and limited education were the backdrop to her rise to Rothstein’s COO. This mother of four worked her way from legal assistant to paralegal to lawyer in charge of the 70 – lawyer Rothstein Rosenfeld Adler, a Ft. Lauderdale law firm. Her continued efforts to cooperate with authorities could result in a reduction of her sentence in the future.

Acquitted at trial – cannot expunge record

The current law in Florida does not allow persons acquitted at trial to expunge the record for 10 years. At most, the record can be sealed, but only if other requirements are met, like having no criminal convictions. So, if a person is accused of a serious felony offense, goes to trial and is acquitted, but had a prior open container conviction, the aquitted charge will still show on his/her criminal history. How can that be you may ask? Florida law only permits persons to seal or expunge one criminal episode in a lifetime (except for the rare adminstrative expunction). The expungment laws are too restrictive and need to be addressed by our legislature.
I am in favor of legislation that could make it a criminal offense for a company to report sealed or expunged criminal history information. Too many “background search companies” conduct a search and gather data. The problem is that they do not go back and update their data and continue to report criminal histories that have been legally sealed or expunged. The very reason for going through the process to begin with is thwarted when additional work must be done to get the companies to remove the inaccurate information. If you have questions about this area of law, please call us today.

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