Does Your Criminal Defense Attorney Know How to Use Facebook?

If not, you may be at a disadvantage, claims a recent post on by Kashmir Hill entitled Make Sure Your Lawyer Knows How To Use Facebook.

Ms. Hill starts the post with a statement that basically says if your attorney doesn’t have an iPad…run! Referencing articles in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, she explores the evolving practice of examining the online profiles of potential jurors during jury selection, looking for indications as to how they might “contribute” to the jury’s decision, should they be selected.

Walking through a series of five examples, Ms. Hill paints a picture of jury selection in the age of Google and Facebook. And while it’s unclear as to how this evolving practice will stand up over the long term, at least for now, it has been upheld by an appellate court in New Jersey.

Definitely take a look at Ms. Hill’s post (the examples are interesting, to say the least!), and be sure to do your homework when you’re looking for a Tampa criminal defense lawyer to represent you in federal criminal matters, state criminal matters, drug charges, or DUI.

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