How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tampa?

It depends! Watch this video by Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Lori D. Palmieri where she highlights the general types of fees that one may come across when seeking representation.

For most criminal cases, a flat fee is determined based on the lawyer’s experience and how much time and work will go into the case. However, some lawyers do charge an hourly rate.

“That usually is not to the benefit of the client because experienced lawyers have a high hourly rate on average and it’s usually a much better situation for a client to agree upon a flat fee.”

When considering Attorney Lori D. Palmieri for representation, she bases her fees firstly on the following components:

  • What are you charged with?
  • What type of crime are you under investigation for?
  • Is it a federal crime or a state crime?
  • Is it a felony or is it a misdemeanor?

Secondly, she considers how much time she will put into the case.

“When you hire me, you get me. I personally handle every case and I determine how much time is needed to effectively represent you.”

Palmieri keeps her fees at a reasonable price for the amount of experience and quality representation that you will receive.

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