Facebook & Divorce: Are they related?

So we’ve talked about Facebook before, how Sheriff’s offices utilize it to post pictures/videos of open cases, how some Attorney’s use Facebook in the juror selection process and now, how Facebook is cited in 90% of divorce cases.

According to a St. Petersburg 10 News article, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers discovered that Facebook is involved in one in five divorce cases. Whether it is from parents allowing illegal activities like underage drinking, or if it is a picture a spouse out on the town, lawyers are seeing more and more encounters with Facebook.

With all this action coming from Facebook, Attorney’s have no choice but to become a master at internet photo searches. A simple Google image search can result in pictures that some are unaware are even out on the internet. Untagged pictures or pictures from a deactivated Facebook account can still be found. Divorce Attorney Carin Constantine was interviewed by the St. Petersburg 10 news team and commented,

“Those pictures are still accessible by us, and we can still print them and we can still use them as evidence in your divorce case.”

Privacy settings are controlled by the individual, but the default settings that Facebook sets you up with are not ideal. The best advice would be to go into those settings and make it so only those people who you want to see your personal information/pictures can. For the future, ask friends and family not to tag you in any pictures if you want to avoid any controversy.

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