Possible Alcohol Ban on Treasure Island Beaches

Sunset Beach, a popular beach in Treasure Island, may be facing a ban of alcohol on their beaches- one of their biggest crowd drawing specs! Treasure Island officials say that the drinking has gotten out of hand.

According to a 10 News article, “the ordinance would ban alcohol on weekends from 8 a.m to 6 p.m, including holidays.” The City Commission voted unanimously for the drinking ban.

Many people opposed to the ordinance showed up at the meeting last week. Some argued that it would hurt small business owners because of the crowd that has drawn specifically because the beach permits alcohol. Others argued that is was unfair to ban alcohol all together just because of other people’s actions. But residents from the Sunset Beach area who are for the ban argued that the allowance of alcohol leads to inappropriate behavior and fights in their neighborhoods.

There will be a second meeting to discuss this ordinance sometime next week and if it passes again, the ban will immediately take effect. It will be interesting to see how officials will regulate the ban on alcohol at Sunset Beach.

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