Fees – How Much Will This Cost?

Attorney Fees

Fees are paid to the lawyer for her legal experience, reputation and time.  Costs are the expenses of the case that can include experts, deposition attendance and transcripts, process servers, record requests, postage, etc.

Every case is different and usually requires a consultation before we can accurately quote a fee. It depends in large part on the following factors:

  • State or Federal charges
  • Felony or Misdemeanor charges, and degree
  • Single or multiple charges
  • Prior criminal history
  • Witness statements, video, other evidence
  • Case complexity

We understand that legal fees are not something that a family budgets for, and they arise unexpectedly. Especially in these difficult financial times, we will work within your budget to ensure that you get the absolute best defense lawyer possible, even if ultimately it is not our office.

Other Possible Costs

Depending on the complexity of your matter, we may have to hire other experts. Our office maintains professional relationships with highly-regarded:

  • Private Investigators
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Doctors
  • Accident Investigators
  • Engineering Firms
  • Computer Experts
  • and Attorneys in many other areas of law (such as Immigration Law and Family Law).

We are able to call upon their services as necessary to aid in your defense. The benefit to this arrangement is that we do not have to keep a number of professionals on staff, and are able to keep your fees lower.

During your initial consultation, Ms. Palmieri will advise you if we may need to hire a professional consultant in any of the above-mentioned areas.

What Are You Paying For?

Primarily, you should be paying for the experience, expertise, and reputation of a fine attorney.

As you interview your potential lawyers, take a good look at the office and surroundings. Is the office in a high-rent district downtown, with a great view of Tampa Bay? Are the offices lavishly decorated? Do they advertise heavily on radio and television? If so, then be aware of these business costs when they quote you a fee.

Our offices are in a comfortable building, well outside of downtown. Parking is plentiful and close to our front door. We have worked very hard to build a clean, professional, and comfortable space. It reflects our business philosophy of comfortable, personalized service. Our clients find our office welcoming and reassuring in this time of great stress.

A Caution About Low Fees

Yes, there are brochures and websites that quote “affordable” fees up front. How can they quote you a fee before listening to the facts of your case?

Your matter is as unique as you are. Ms. Palmieri takes time to understand the individual needs of your case before quoting a fee.

Unfortunately, an experienced attorney is not going to be your cheapest choice. If you go with a low-dollar lawyer, be prepared for low-dollar service and/or low-dollar results.  Simply put – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

At this difficult time, you deserve the best legal defense available.

Call us at (813) 254-0254 and find out just how affordable an EXPERT attorney can be.

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