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Drug Charges

Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Cocaine, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia are three of the Top 10 charges leading to arrest in the Tampa / St. Petersburg metro area. Read about "constructive possession" and find out more about why it might be a good thing to be charged with possession. Read More

DUI and Criminal Driving Offenses

There are several avenues of defense in a DUI case. In your defense we will examine the validity of the traffic stop, the administration of the breath test, the DUI video, including field sobriety tests (if any) and your overall appearance and recorded behavior. IMPORTANT! TIME CRITICAL! If you have been charged with DUI in Florida, you have TEN (10) calendar days from the date of your arrest to file for a Formal Review Hearing with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Read More

Expungement or Sealing of Records

If you are looking to clear your record, don't risk a delay or rejection by trying to do it yourself. Our office is here to quickly navigate the sealing or expungement process for you, and free up your time for other things. Read More

Federal Charges

The majority of our caseload comes from defending Federal cases. Don't trust your freedom and liberty to a lawyer who practices Federal work part-time, or who is new to the Federal system. We have been handling Federal criminal defense in the Middle District of Florida since 2003. We have the knowledge and experience to mount an effective defense for you or your loved one. Read More

Federal Criminal Charges

A Federal criminal record is much more serious than a record acquired in a local or state justice system. Offenses that typically fall under Federal criminal jurisdiction include many white collar crimes, fraud, and drug trafficking. If you possess a Federal criminal record the repercussions can affect you regardless of your current state of residence. Read More

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Have you or a loved one been charged in a federal criminal court? Federal criminal cases will consider your record of past criminal history, perceived role in the federal criminal offense, victim-related adjustments, and more. Review the factors that can affect federal criminal charges here and speak to a qualified federal criminal defense lawyer at your earliest opportunity. Read More

FL State Charges

All Felonies and Misdemeanors charged in the State of Florida, typically investigated or arrested by the county Sheriff's Office, city or municipal Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, or licensed security officers (including campus and mall security). Some of the more common charges include DUI, drugs, theft, burglary, robbery, assault, battery, sex crimes, domestic violence, fraud, white collar crimes, disorderly conduct, county ordinance violations (panhandling, littering), and VOPs (violation of probation). Read More

Mortgage Fraud

U.S. Attorney A. Brian Albritton called Florida "ground zero" for mortgage fraud in the US. He released details of an investigative "surge" in May (of 2009), saying the goal was to restore confidence in the real estate market and send a message that "mortgage fraud won't be tolerated". In Tampa, the surge netted 30 defendants who authorities claim were responsible for $103 million in bad mortgages on 313 properties. Albritton further cautioned, "This is by no means the end of vigorous mortgage fraud prosecution in the Middle District of Florida". Read More

Probation Violations (VOP)

Probation and Community Control (House Arrest) place many demands on your freedom. Unfortunately, there can be many ways to violate probation. If you do violate, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a Board Certified criminal defense lawyer to help you through this difficult time. Ms. Palmieri has over 18 years experience with probation violation issues. Read More

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