Is your personal information up for sale?

If you have a Florida driver’s license, then yes. And believe it or not the State of Florida has been doing this for years.

It’s logical to think this act must be breaking a law when in reality, “the courts have ruled there is nothing illegal about it” according to an ABC Action News article.

Not anyone has the ability to purchase your license; the state only sells information to companies like ShadowSoft, Inc., which claims to sell the information they get from the state to businesses to whom use it for customer verification.

For example, if a doctor’s office was trying to track a patient down and came across that the patient has since moved or changed their mailing address, they would buy the patient’s personal information from a business like ShadowSoft.

There are 10 different companies that Florida sells drivers license information to. According to the article, our personal information is worth a lot – $62,968,946 to be exact.

So the question arises, is this constitutional? Courts say yes but the public, or at least the ones who know about it, say no. Larry Brindley was stopped outside of the Department of Motor Vehicles and asked his thoughts on the topic. After ABC Action News explained what was happening with Florida drivers’ personal information, Larry responded with

“I have a problem with that, it’s just another cash cow for somebody, and I think information is exploited to the max.”

This spring, a group Florida citizens attempted to shut down the relationship between ShadowSoft and the state. The judge declared it legal and said it did not violate the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act. So now we wonder… the more the public finds out about what is happening to their personal information, will we see an appeal to this case in the future?

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