“Armed and Dangerous” Florida Siblings Still On The Run

On August 2nd, a massive FBI manhunt began for three siblings accused of shooting at a Pasco County police officer and robbing a Georgia bank at gunpoint. Dylan, Ryan, and Lee Grace Dougherty have been described as armed and dangerous and a week later, are still on the run.

While there is not a clear motive for the siblings’ actions, there is speculation that youngest brother Ryan is the “ring leader.” Last Monday, Ryan was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct and ordered to probation for 10 years to avoid jail time. That Tuesday (just one day after his court appearance), Ryan’s criminal defense attorneywas informed that Ryan cut off his ankle bracelet and allegedly shot at a police officer.

Ryan’s mother believes a trigger may have been that he was “’unbearably discouraged by the terms of his probation’ and said he feared the conviction would prohibit him from seeing his newborn son” according to an ABC article on the Dougherty siblings.

This is not the first run-in with the law for any of the Doughertys. To add to their existing record, they may face criminal charges of robbery, carjacking, burglary, firearms and weapons, probation violations and grand theft.

The three have since been plastered all over news outlets and billboards from Tennessee to New York in hopes to end this search. The FBI warns that the Dougherty siblings pose a threat to both law enforcement and the public.

Update 8/10/11: Dougherty siblings captured and arrested after a car crash in Colorado.

I’ve Violated My Probation- Now What?

Unfortunately, there are many ways one can violate probation or community control (house arrest).

When you are under either probation or house arrest, you are placed under demands that limit your freedom including confinement to your home, weekly meetings with a probation officer, random drug tests etc,. (full list of probation violations )

Probation is given either in replace of jail time or following jail time. During this time period it is important to demonstrate to the courts that you are staying out of trouble.

Generally, people violate their probation the follow two ways:

1.) you are charged with a new crime, or

2.) You are given a ‘Technical Violation.’

House arrest is similar to probation, the only difference being that you are confined to your home unless instructed by the courts. Simply put, if you are not home you are violating house arrest.

If you violate your probation or house arrest, it is important to contact a Board Certified criminal defense lawyer to guide you through the next step.

After the violation, your probation officer will issue a warrant for your arrest. At this time officials have the right to arrest you at any given time or you could opt for self arrest. There is generally NO BOND for probation violators but law offices like Palmieri Law can expedite the bond hearing to reduce the time spent in jail.

If you do violate your probation or house arrest sanction, the most important thing you can do is contact a criminal defense lawyer. If you are in the Tampa area, Board Certified criminal defense lawyer Lori D. Palmieri has over 18 years experience with probation violation.

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